Greenhouse Panel Silicone Injector Tool 2-Pack

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Greenhouse Panel Silicone Injector Tool 2-Pack


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Greenhouse Panel Silicone Injector Tool
(patent pending)


Designed and printed by us to aid in injecting silicone into the ends of common poly panels used for greenhouses. The greenhouse panel silicone injector tool can help with this task.

How to use:

  • Review our youtube video located here
  • Cut approximately 1/4″ off the silicone tip
  • Be sure to puncture the seal inside the tube
  • Place tool on the tip
  • Slide tool over poly panel
  • As you slide the tool over the panel, gently squeeze silicone until it is visibly entering the panel
  • I recommend injecting around an inch of silicone
  • Inject one end and let it set up completely before injecting the other end as this will cause it to push out
  • If you need to fully modify your Harbor Freight 10×12 Greenhouse, use this kit.If you have already built your greenhouse and just want to use our spacers, use this kit.

Includes the following items:

Image Silicone Tube Tip Tool
(patent pending)4 – Silicone Tube Tip Tool

Used to help inject silicone into the ends of the panels, takes a little practice, but works great once you get the hang of it!

Links to the other items we used in our build:

Qty Link
2 Glazing Clips 100 Pieces
9 Duck Brand Foam Weather-strip
10 Frost King 1/2″ Rope Backer
2 #8 x 3/4″ Self Piercing Screws
2 #8×1/2″ neoprene Washers
1 Gorilla Clear Silicone Caulk 6pk

10 Ft. X 12 Ft. Greenhouse With 4 Vents

This aluminum greenhouse lets you grow vegetables, plants, and flowers out of season. Utilizing a double-extruded aluminum frame, this greenhouse also features two sliding doors for easy access, UV-coated polycarbonate panels, and four vents to ensure proper conditions.

  • Two sliding doors for optimum accessibility
  • Metal foundation base for extra stability
  • Durable, all-weather aluminum frame
  • UV-coated polycarbonate panels for sunlight diffusion
  • Four roof vents for climate control and air circulation

Disclaimer:  We offer no warranties nor guarantees that these items will prevent any damage to your greenhouse.  It is also understood that these items are used at your own risk and liability.  These pieces are small, so please keep them away from small children.

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