Essential Pencil Utensil Jig – DOWNLOAD ONLY

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Essential Pencil Utensil – 12 Pencil Holder Jig


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Essential Pencil Utensil – 12 Pencil Holder Jig


Essential Pencil Utensil Jig

NON-COMMERCIAL USE (by purchasing this file you are NOT given permission to sell this file and you are NOT given permission to sell prints made from this file)  If you are interested in a commercial or custom file please email us with your request.  You can use this in your commercial business to sell pencils.


We have been looking for a better way to laser engrave our pencils.  Other jigs just do not seem to do the job for us.  So we created the Essential Pencil Utensil Jig.  This jig securely holds 12 pencils.  The pencils sit firmly in the cradle that is contoured to fit the unique shape in order to prevent it from rolling during the engraving process.  It’s lightweight and easy to print for those with 3d printers.

If you would like us to print one or more for you, click here Printed Essential Pencil Utensil.

Having trouble keeping your objects in place while engraving?  Have a unique or awkward item that needs help?  We are constantly looking for new ideas and improvements.  If you need a custom jib made for your engraved products send us an email at and we will be glad to offer you a low cost solution.

This product is for a digital download.  You will not be shipped a physical item by purchasing this product.  If you want to purchase the physical item and have it shipped to you, click here Printed Essential Pencil Utensil.  Let us print them you so don’t have to.

You will receive a ZIP file containing two files.

Essential Pencil Utensil v1.stl   (the infamous STL file)
EssentialPencilUtensil_12.svg   (this is a template for your drawing program)

If you are downloading this, we assume you know what you are doing in the 3d printing and laser engraving realm.  Never the less, if you need assistance please contact us.

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